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DAInamics - Dai Yang Tian Singapore Fanclub is officially launched today and so is its official website.

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There are video and xinmsn news on Dai Yang Tian and Elvin Ng as at 6/7/10 that have been updated on the website.

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Dai Yang Tian's Investment Blog

我叫戴阳天可能有些朋友不知道我是谁?其实我不是个金融工作者,我的职业是"艺人",可能你们很奇怪我作为"艺人"为什么要办一个关于金融的 blog因为最近我看到很多人因为收入的问题,生活变得很可怜,所以我想把我的观念和大家分享。
I'm Dai Yang Tian, may be some friends may not know me. I'm not from the financial sector. I'm an actor. May be you are curious why an actor wants to start a financial blog. It's because I recently saw some people with financial difficulties and I found them pitiful. Thus, I wish to share my views with all of you.

我会在这个blog 上和大家说说我对"钱"的观念和自己的一些投资心得我也很希望大家都能在这个blog上说说你们的想法,这个不仅是"戴阳天"个人的blog他只是个比较能够吸引人去关注的名字,这个blog是属于所有有着共同想法的人。我希望看完我文章的人可以把这个大家的 blog告诉给你们的朋友,你们看完后觉得有共鸣也好觉得没什么也好甚至觉得我是个傻瓜也好,对我来说十个人看有一个人觉得有用就足够了。因为我碰到的问题可能是将来你们也会碰到的问题。

I would like to share with all of you my view about money and some investment ideas. I hope all of you would also give your opinion and share your views on this blog. This isn't my personal blog but it's just because 'Dai Yang Tian' is a more 'prominent' name. This blog belongs to everyone who shares the same view as me. I hope those of you who have read my blog entries would spread the good words to your friends. For those who have read my blog & strike a chord with me,or think that the blog isn't good or even think I'm silly, it's all right. To me, I'm contented if 1 in 10, after reading this blog finds it good. The problems I encountered may be problems you will face in future.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Original Text : Dai Yang Tian
Translation : Anollec

( To whom it may concern: If you are going to copy this translation from 戴@视界 for Dai Yang Tian's blog, pls credit translator which happens to be Anollec. Thank you. )




Recently, I met up with my friend. I asked about his situation and he told me he has wound up his company.

I was very surprised as I had always thought his company's performance was not bad. I guessed it could be due to the recent financial crisis. He said that was not the problem, it was his inability to manage his finances. His company had been performing well until one particular stock investment that wiped out the company's finances. During that time, the China Stock index has pared from 8000 to 6000, everyone thought it has dropped till rock bottom and most people were asked to enter the market then. At that juncture, he also thought it was an opportunity not to be missed & entered the market with 80% of liquid funds. Who knew that index suffered another southward dive from 6000 to 4000, then to 998. The company went into financial difficulties and thus had to be closed down. Such encounters happened all around us, sometimes to companies while other times to individuals. Therefore, if one does not know it well, it is better not to enter the market blindly. This is what I always say, I can fail but I need to know the reason why I fail.

P/S : I'll share with all of you my learning methods. I hope all of you will also share with me your methods in managing your wealth, your success and failure stories so that I can learn from there too. I read a friend's message on buying lottery ticket and this is something I don't encourage.

8 Days No. 1029


i weekly No. 662 - No Limits






i weekly No. 662 supplementary





Friday, July 2, 2010

"No Limits" Contest 1/7/10 - 8/7/10

Hi everyone!

Do you want to win an exclusive & autographed set of 'No Limits' EZ Link cards?

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Support the Music Team by clicking onto the following link & writing:

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Last day : 8/7/10, 10am.

No Limits Launch 3


Source : xinmsn

荣升小富婆 对股票没兴趣




新戏《破天荒》8月开拍 挑战反派角色




Exclusive and Autographed

This was first posted on 28/6/10

Hurry, the contest has just started on 1/7/10, 10 am!!!

Source : 8gg/ Mediacorp


want to have a set of these cards in your wallet?

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this is what that is going to be printed on one side of the Ez-Link Card. And yes, the casts signed on them and this makes it even more exclusive!



And this is how you participate :
(contest only starts on 1 July 2010, 10 a.m.)

1) Go to our Channel 8 Facebook Page (

2) Click on photos and then go to the album that says “NO LIMITS TEAMS!”

3) There will be 2 pictures in that album
- 1 featuring the Sports Team (Felicia Chin, Elvin Ng & Tracy Lee)
- 1 featuring the Music Team (Dai Yang Tian, Rebecca Lim & Yuan Shuai)

4) Choose the team that you support and comment on that team’s picture by completing the following sentence (I support the *Sports/Music Team because…)
*Please select one


Please also do make sure that your account settings is set in such a way that you will be able to receive messages from everyone. (‘Cos we will be contacting the lucky winners via this method!)
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3) If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on our 8gg Blog or leave a message on our wall.

4) Please do take some time to read the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

1. Contest is open from 1 July 2010, 10a.m. – 8 July 2010, 10 a.m.

2. Participants are allowed to submit more than one comment, however the winner will only get to win one set of cards.

3. Comments that do not abide to the given format will be deleted without prior notice.

4. MediaCorp Channel 8 will announce the winners via 8gg blog ( on 8 July 2010, 3 p.m. messages will also be sent to the winner’s Facebook message box. All participants must ensure their Facebook settings allows them to receive messages from Channel 8.

5. Winners must revert their emails to the email address stated in their Facebook message within 7 days. Failure to do so, prize will be given to the next winner.

6. Prizes have to be accepted as it is and no negotiation will be entertained.

7. Prizes are non-transferable and are non-exchangeable for other prizes.

8. This contest is open to all public except employees of MediaCorp TV.

9. Prizes are strictly not for sale.

10. MediaCorp Channel 8 reserves the right to substitute prizes where necessary.

11. MediaCorp Channel 8 reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions without prior notice.